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You are an interior designer and know PR is important. You should do it. But, yikes, another thing to add to your plate?! I can do it for you - or help you get started doing it yourself without spending a ton of time or money.

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PR & Social Media

This is my thing. After almost two decades in PR, most of it managing the PR for a leading global design brand, I have found the secret sauce. Knowing what makes the media tick was key to generating thousands of media placements not just in high-profile design magazines but also in mainstream consumer media, trade media, national broadcast and online. Social media is a natural extension for storytellers and I love using it to leverage PR efforts.

PR Coaching

I like to help people with their PR and social media, but I LOVE to coach people how to do it themselves! And they love it too because it empowers them to take control and saves loads of money. My goals is to make PR accessible and achievable for everyone - without having to spend a lot of time or money - with a special focus on designers and architects.

Back to Basics

There is one thing PR agencies and consultants excel at - producing massive amounts of paper. Strategies, plans, key messages, talking points, and lots and lots of reports. The trouble is that they are not focused on results, and on the most effective way to get there. I believe - because I've seen it over and over again - that doing the fundamental things consistently produces the best results. The basics are the magic PR bullet.

No Fluff

I don't believe in fluffing things up. Either a story is a story, or it's not. I am serving the media as much as I am my clients, because this is PR, not advertising. We are in the business of sharing news and good content, not advertising messages. Meaning we have to stay factual and honest at all times. This is what has earned me the trust of my media friends and clients who get it. I care about presentation, good writing and good design to elevate a story, but I am not about putting lipstick on a pig. Oink.

It's a Marathon

So you want to be on the TODAY Show? I get it - so does everyone else. Maybe you can, but maybe not now, and maybe never. I will give you our honest opinion about what's possible and work my booty off to get you what you deserve. PR is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires you to show up and keep showing up even when you don't see results right away. Especially then. Because they will come!

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