About (Not) Giving Up

When it comes to doing your own PR, getting started is hard. But keeping going is even harder.

At the beginning, you are all fired up and motivated, pitching away. But then you get a no, or two, or three, or worse, don't hear anything back at all. Poof, the energy and motivation drains.

But motivation is a myth. It fades more quickly than your summer tan. The tricky thing about PR is it doesn’t take a lot of effort, it only requires a little bit of time here and there - but consistently. And staying consistent is hard, really hard. It takes commitment to stick with it, not just when you’re fired up, but when you’re busy, tired and overwhelmed with life and work stuff.

There is no instant gratification. PR is a marathon, not a sprint. It needs to become part of your business routine like paying your bills or posting on social media. You have to show up and keep showing up, even, or especially if you’re not seeing results. Because they are likely just around the corner!

When you page through magazines, do you feel like you keep seeing the same faces featured in spread after spread? That is true and no coincidence because I can guarantee you those people work their PR (or have someone who does it for them) like they mean it. Getting published is rarely luck, it’s the result of consistent commitment.

A couple of my Design PR Insider members just landed their first pieces of coverage since joining the program. It’s an exhilarating feeling! One of them told me that just a day before her mention hit, she was considering giving up because she felt like she was failing. Little did she know that success was literally within reach! 

It must be some kind of cosmic law that rewards the people who keep showing up even when they get tired and a bit discouraged. Bottom line is, persistence pays off. Your publicity is out there if you’re willing to stop dreaming and start doing. And keep doing...

P.S. What are the two most burning questions you’d like to ask me about PR? What do you need help with? Please comment below, and I will use your input and answer questions in future posts.


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