Decisions, decisions...

I have a few rules when it comes to how I show up on social media and in marketing my business, one of which is to stay away from religion and politics. That’s clearly not because I don’t have an opinion and beliefs. An old boss of mine once called me the most opinionated neutral person he’s ever met, ahem, and he may not be completely wrong.  (If you’re not following, it helps to know that I am from Switzerland.)

That said and knowing it’s Election Day today, making choices and decisions is something we do every day. Some are easy, some are hard. But all of them have consequences. 

Whether or not you do PR is obviously not a life-or-death decision and won’t decide the political direction of an entire country for four years but it does have an impact on your business trajectory. As Jim Rohn said, you cannot make progress without making decisions. 

In politics, this means you choose a candidate and cast a ballot. For your PR, it also means you have to make a decision, a decision about whether to take action or not.

A wish is not a decision, while indecision is a decision in and by itself. 

Wishing things were different, like wishing you were featured in AD, is one thing, but taking proactive steps to move toward that goal is another. 

So, make a decision about what direction you want for this country’s future, then cast your vote. On a much much smaller scale, decide whether you really want PR for your business. And if yes, take action.

If you are already working on getting your own ink, kudos to you - keep up the good work!

Whatever you choose, we can still be friends.


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