Help Is On The Way

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we wear many hats. It’s a lot to take on and handle on a daily basis - your actual business, interior design, or PR in my case, finance, operations, HR, tech, all the admin stuff, it never ends.

I am three years into being self-employed after many years of enjoying corporate perks like an IT help desk (I miss that!) or a corporate travel department (really missed that when I was stuck in Las Vegas for three days last year!). 

What I realized after a while of trying to do it all by myself is that it’s okay, no, it’s absolutely essential to ask for help.

I love learning new things, but there are just areas I will never be really good at, like graphic design, tech or, yikes, accounting. And even when I thought I couldn’t afford it, I brought in just a little bit of help for some of those areas, and it’s been worth every penny. I also believe in coaching and have been in different kinds of coaching and accountability programs for many, many years. It’s fun and has really been instrumental in building my business.

All this to say that asking for a little bit of help is okay and necessary if you want to move your business forward.

Lately, I have been getting a lot of questions about what my DIY PR programs offer. If you have been on my list for a while and secretly wonder what I am offering besides these hopefully helpful emails, I wanted to give you a brief overview. My goal always is to meet you where you are and offer you that little bit of help that you may need to get to the next level. 

Everyone is at a different stage, but regardless of whether you are a complete newbie or have been around the PR block a few times, my main goal is to keep it simple but effective. 

If you are a novice, meaning, you have never done PR and are curious but not ready to really jump in, I would encourage you to stay on my email list and follow my social pages on Facebook or Instagram. I try to provide insights and value in everything I share.

If you are a doer and ready to take action but just don’t know how to even get started, my Master DIY PR Course may be an option for you to consider. It teaches interior designers the foundations of PR, so you are ready to send pitches and get the coverage you deserve.

If you are a PR savant, great, I love to talk shop! You know what you should be doing, but could use some help with your strategy, tweaking your pitch or tracking down some media opportunities. And to keep you on track, maybe some accountability within a fab community of supportive peers would be helpful. That’s where my Design PR Insider Membership comes in.

If you are not sure where you fall but are ready to take your PR into your own hands, I am happy to have a chat to understand your goals and see if I can help in any way. Just email or message me. No strings attached! 



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