The Top 3 Things Every Interior Designer Needs To Know About PR

One of the questions I get most often from interior designers who are interested in getting press is: 

Where do I even start?

Let me take you back to the very basics because, as you may know, I believe that the magic bullet for smashing PR success is going back to fundamentals, doing them well, and doing them consistently. Here are the three areas you want to focus on and some practical tips to get started.

  • Be ready.

    • Have a website that reflects your brand and has all the info a journalist would need: Who you are, what you do, where you are, projects, press, contact.
    • Have a social media presence that’s aligned with your website and brand. Be active, share about yourself & your work.
  • Be proactive.

    • Media coverage isn’t just going to happen. At least, it’s highly unlikely.
    • Connect on social media
      • Follow editors and freelancers on social, interact and engage with them. Respectfully!
      • Generally, pitch your stories/projects to them via email. Only do it on social media if they specifically ask for it.
      • Don’t tag them on social media unless you have a reason. For instance, when you post about coverage you have received from them. 
      • Do tag brands whose products you feature! They will love it.
    • Pitch editors and freelancers
      • Pitching means reaching out to media with interesting projects and stories.
      • What’s the worst that can happen? They may say no, or nothing.  Follow up and/or pitch something new.  They may say yes!
  • Be responsive.

    • Once you have a journalist’s attention, adopt an attitude of service.
    • Give them exactly what they want, when they want it and how they want it - don’t miss a deadline.
    • Done is better than perfect - you are not responsible to write the story. You provide the expert content and they will edit it.
    • Always offer more info, images, time, etc. Build rapport.

Are you committed to being ready, proactive and responsive? The media will LOVE you, I promise.


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