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The Top 3 Things Every Interior Designer Needs To Know About PR

One of the questions I get most often from interior designers who are interested in getting press is: 

Where do I even start?

Let me take you back to the very basics because, as you may know, I believe that the magic bullet for smashing PR success is going back to fundamentals, doing them well, and doing them consistently. Here are the three areas you want to focus on and some practical tips to get started.

  • Be ready.

    • Have a website that reflects your brand and has all the info a journalist would need: Who you are, what you do, where you are, projects, press, contact.
    • Have a social media presence that’s aligned with your website and brand. Be active, share about yourself & your work.
  • Be proactive.

    • Media coverage isn’t just going to happen. At least, it’s highly unlikely.
    • Connect on social media
      • Follow editors and freelancers on social, interact and engage with them. Respectfully!
      • Generally, pitch your stories/projects to them via email. Only...
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How To Get Press Now As Interior Design Expert

When interior designers think of getting press, it usually revolves around placing a project in a feature article in a design magazine. While that is a noble goal and absolutely doable, it’s a lengthy and involved process that can easily take close to a year, or even longer.

But, wait! There is an easier and more immediate way to get published.

Have you ever read a magazine or online article and wondered how the designers quoted in the article did it? There are a few ways it can happen but let me share the path of least resistance with you to get quoted as an expert by the media. If you take my advice and act on it, I will pretty much guarantee you that you will see your first expert mention in an article within the first month or two.  

And I am not just saying this without proof. I have seen it happen over and over again in my Design PR Insider Membership. My rockstar members have been featured in outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Apartment Therapy,...

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Pinterest Tips & Tricks from Kyla Herbes, House of Hipsters Blog

On Friday the guest speaker on our weekly Designer Discussions on Clubhouse was Kyla Herbes, digital content creator and home decor blogger at the hugely popular House of Hipsters blog. She is also an incredibly savvy Pinterest expert with lots of insights from her time working at Pinterest (yes, she actually worked for them creating pins for brands) and her uber-successful blogging career.

Here is the gist of what she shared in the Clubhouse talk.

Pinterest is a visual search engine, not just a place where you pin your favorite things.   Remember that you are a brand, so you need to act like a brand and focus on pinning what your audience likes, not only what you like.

Here are some tips for when you get started:

  • Create a business account, or change your personal into a business account.
  • Claim your website and other linked accounts so they talk to each other.
  • Have a properly named brand board and supporting boards.
  • To boost SEO, add keywords to everything, especially tag...
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Do you want to get press?

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