The Fear Is Real

Fear of rejection is a big reason why a lot of people shy away from doing PR. We all have the need to feel loved and accepted. And this is true whether it’s on a basic human or on a professional level. When you pitch something to an editor - especially your own story or work -, you put yourself in a very vulnerable place.

Our hustling self wants our work to be recognized, our talent and effort to be acknowledged. But the fear of rejection feeds on our deep-seated insecurity of not being good enough, even if in everyday life we are self-confident, accomplished professionals with heaps of accolades and success stories of satisfied clients.

PR, especially pitching, is very emotional. The high when your story gets picked up is sky-high, the low when your pitch gets flat-out rejected is like a punch in the gut. And there is no way to take that volatility away.

The harsh reality is that most PR pitches get rejected. I know, it stinks. Some of them are simply bad, but there are plenty of good ones that end up being turned down too because the writer may not need any more content or it’s just not a fit for the moment. It’s the nature of the business.

Being rejected hurts, a lot, but even more when you take it personally. It has taken me years - I mean, decades, let’s be honest! - to work on not taking things personally. (And at times, I am still a work in progress...)

Here are a few things I tell myself to work on my mindset, and maybe they will help you too.

  • Don’t take it personally. If your pitch gets rejected, that’s just it. Nos are not about you!
  • Do your best. Your pitch does not have to be perfect. Good enough and done is always better than perfect and pending.
  • The only way you know you won’t land the placement is by not sending the pitch.
  • Focus on the action you are taking, not the outcome.
  • Every no gets you closer to a yes. Don’t give up.

Having the right mindset will help you deal with the fear of rejection. And when your media placements start popping up, believe me, it will all have been worth it

P.S. To have some moral support and accountability can really help on the road to getting your own ink. At least that’s what my Design PR Insiders are telling me!


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