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While the world around us is swiftly moving from one crisis to the next, I have chosen to focus on what I can control.

Not to say that it's not unsettling. It is. And I have lots of opinions. But that's what they are, opinions.

I used to love arguing with people and trying to convince them that I was RIGHT and they were WRONG. Then I realized that everyone has their own truth, which is simply an opinion - and I learned to respect that. (For the most part...)

It might seem trivial and superficial but launching my new Design PR Insider Membership during this flat-out crazy time has helped keep me grounded.

Working with my group of founding members already has given me real joy because I can tell that I can make a small difference in a tiny corner of this world, and people appreciate it. We're not tackling racial inequality or curing a disease, but the world can use every bit of positive energy we can create and spread.

So much for the world-changing power of DIY PR, one small happy...

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Business as Usual, Almost

business inspiration May 23, 2020


The time we are going through has been called unprecedented, unusual, challenging, tough, devastating and so on. And it can be all of those things. Yet, change is the only constant in life. Life goes on, business goes on. (And as the wife of a restaurant owner I am not saying this lightly.) We will make it through this crisis.

Launching a new business during a global pandemic may seem counterintuitive, but in my line of work - public relations - the wheels don't stop turning. Magazines need to be produced, websites need to be filled with fresh content, and my job is to help the media do just that. So that's what I did. I finally launched my project to help interior designers do PR without spending a lot of time and money.

One positive of being locked down over months is that many people have taken the time to dig deep and think about what is valuable in their lives and careers and what is not. Plus, considering new strategies for business growth, like PR. As I know...

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The Temptations of the Pandemic

business public relations May 12, 2020

Turn on the radio, the TV (okay, not Netflix, TV news!), open any of your social media accounts, and you are flooded with articles and reports about the new coronavirus. It is of course a topic that is top of mind for all of us, as I am writing this at my kitchen table under "Safer at Home" orders from the Wisconsin governor. I haven't been to the grocery store in almost two weeks. My fridge and pantry have never been this empty, but at least I have enough toilet paper for another month or so...

As a PR and social media consultant, I am helping my clients navigate this time by creating messaging and content for employees and the media. Luckily all of them are considered essential businesses and can continue to operate, even if at a reduced capacity. I also help my husband run social media for his restaurant, which presents a whole other set of challenges.

The one thing all of them have in common is that we have to find a way to keep communicating and promoting our businesses in a...

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Why Back to Basics is the Magic Bullet for PR

public relations Apr 26, 2020

In my 20 plus years in PR on both the corporate and the agency side, I've seen it all. And I hate it when people say that because there is always more to learn! What I mean is I have worked for and with freelance consultants, small agencies and large agencies. My clients have included building products, design, startups, small businesses, telecom, banking, non-profit, you can pretty much name it. That is not to brag, just to lend some credibility to what I am saying.

PR is very simple. It can seem complicated and overwhelming, and it certainly can be. We PR people are really good at making things look good and impressive. We can create dozens of pages of briefings, plans, messaging and reports. Especially on the agency side - because you know what, we get paid by the hour. (Even when there is a retainer, it's still based on the number of hours you work.) We can make it look amazing, beautifully laid out and presented. So clients buy into this beautiful plan.

Great. But what about...

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Done is better than perfect

business inspiration Apr 10, 2020

Lao Tzu said, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” How many miles we'll go is yet to be determined but without taking the first step, we'll never know!

A couple of years ago, I had an idea - to create a program for interior designers that teaches them to do their own PR without spending bunches of time and money. And a way to help them enough to keep going and stay accountable. Everyone I talked with loved the idea and there definitely is a big need.

But then...

Life happened. I got really busy with client work while taking care of my three boys. And then, my husband opened a restaurant. He needed help because, yeah, restaurant!! 

My idea kept popping up and I kept color-coding my calendar to see where I could fit it in, but honestly, I had no energy left to start anything new.  As a multi-passionate person, I am always intrigued by a million different things, and as a recovering perfectionist, my goals can be a bit unrealistic.

(I can...

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